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Breakdown Recovery

For extremely competitive rates and a fully trained, fast and friendly vehicle recovery & towing service, just yards from the N4 / M4 Motorway  call Leixlip Breakdown Recovery on 087 793 5120  for Dublin & Co. Kildare

Fast Response for Dublin & Co. Kildare, N4 / M4 motorway

Local Runs (within Leixlip) only €65 during business hours

No one likes to be stranded on the side of the road; so being in contact with a reliable breakdown recovery service is your first priority. We provide roadside assistance, with a fully qualified mechanic, and will get you going on your journey again as soon as possible. We also provide jump-starts and fuel delivery or, if you have put the wrong fuel in your car, e.g. petrol in a diesel car by mistake, we can fix it.

Our recovery service is always on time and dependable. If you have a vehicle in any location in Leixlip, Dublin or the Kildare region, we'll come to you and get you going again or transport your vehicle, or, if you are from the Leixlip, Dublin, Kildare region we can recover your vehicle from anywhere in the country and provide a towing service to get it, and you, safely back home. Our base in Leixlip is only 200 – 300 yards from the N4 / M4 Motorway, hence ensuring our speedy, on the spot, attendance to help you on your way again.

Car recovery or vehicle recovery assistance is fast and reliable throughout Leixlip, Dublin and County Kildare with Leixlip Breakdown Recovery. We provide breakdown assistance and a towing service to all cars, including 4x4s, vans & light commercial vehicles and motorcycles. All our vehicle recovery personnel are fully trained mechanics and experienced in any of the roadside recovery problems that you may have met.

For extremely competitive rates and a fully trained, fast and friendly vehicle recovery & towing service please contact us.

Leixlip Breakdown Recovery and Kennedy Cars

Cullaghreeva, Leixlip, Co Kildare, D15 N925, Ireland
M:086 878 3348

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